What Can You Do Immediately For A Painful Toothache?

Toothache- How you can use Essential Oils to get instant cure?

Toothache is always awful, indeed it is. The throbbing, all-consuming and pounding that simply make people to claw their own face off, yes there is nothing like a toothache. Toothache is an extremely common dental problem worldwide.

Toothache is an ailment where a tooth & its adjacent gums cause severe pain because of various underlying causes. It can be an inflammation or scratch to the pulp, which can cause mild to severe pain in that particular area.

Toothache is a pain around the jaws, teeth or tooth. In most cases, the some common dental issues such as fractured or cracked tooth, dental cavity, gum diseases and unprotected tooth root cause toothache. Everyone can suffer from toothache at any point in his/her live.


The pain caused by toothache can come in different degrees ranging from the dull pounding to an extremely sharp and unbearable stabbing pain. Dinking or eating can also make this pain worse especially when the food is cold or hot thus, making a person unable to swallow or chew food.

Everyone who has undergone an episode of extreme toothache will undoubtedly tremble at the memory. Toothache can be dreadful and labelled as the worst ever pain by majority of the people who have experienced it.

In order to allow the teeth remain pain-free and healthy, it is essential that people should maintain a healthy dental cleanliness routine. However, a bad toothache is always intolerable but luckily; there are few simple if amazing ways that do not require the frequent visits to dentist for relieving that pain.

Essentials Oil made Remedies for Toothache

The below mentioned effective and tested home remedies for toothache will surely help people to cure their tooth abscess and infection.


Clove Oil

Clove has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory advantages that assist in alleviating toothache while fighting infection. Clove oil is a best oil to treat different dental problems when a person is not able to visit the dentist immediately. Traditionally, cloves have been utilized as a tonic to numb the uneasiness thus, cheers to its main compound i.e. Eugenol. It is a natural painkiller to treat different types of the dental pain such as sore gum, mouth ulcers and cavities. Just dip a cotton ball in clove oil and use it on affected tooth. Clove oil has incredible bacteria killing properties along with numbing effect therefore; it is a longtime traditional remedy for tooth pain.

Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is a natural antispasmodic and antimicrobial remedy. Majority of the sufferers have effectively tried oregano oil to treat a severe toothache. The numbing properties of oregano oil reduce pain & its antimicrobial properties can help in clearing up the infection. If you are going through a mild to severe toothache and want an instant relief then, just put oregano oil on cotton swab & apply it on affected area even though, few people like to apply the oregano oil directly with the dropper as it just not relieves the toothache but also inhibit its recurrence.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is a famous natural disinfectant & has been used in dental and medical professions as a useful and effective antiseptic which is active contrary to numerous viruses, bacteria & fungi including few that are unaffected by antibiotics. A simple and refreshing mouthwash using the tea tree oil always help in relieving toothache. Just add few drops of the tea tree oil in water & use this mixture as a mouthwash.

Peppermint Oil

Huge range of the mouthwashes and toothpastes are flavored uniquely with peppermint due to its clean and fresh taster. Peppermint oil is the most effective and well-known treatment for toothache. It eases the agony of teeth & inflammation equally. Three or four drops of the peppermint oil applied directly to an affected tooth can put forth a powerful numbing effect to that area. Once applied successfully, peppermint oil works amazingly as it relaxes & numbs the affected area within few minutes.

Tea Woods Oil

To ease out the toothache immediately, simply dip a cotton ball in tea woods oil and use it on the faulty tooth. Tea pine wood herbal oil is an effective and efficient way to get rid of toothache.

Sea Salt

For some people, sea salt-water rinse is best and first line remedy for toothache. Salt water is an amazing disinfectant because it is natural. It can help in releasing food debris and particles that might stuck in between the teeth. Beside this, treating a severe tooth pain with sea salt water can aid in reducing inflammation and curing oral injuries. Just mix half teaspoon of sea salt into a 1 glass of water & use this mixture as a mouth rinse.

Tea Bags Remedy

People who are suffering from toothache can make an effective compress for their painful tooth with the help of tea bags. It is a best way of ease out the toothache and comforting the tooth. Choose the tea type with high quantities of tannic acid, green and black tea is preferred choices. Afterwards, simply moisturize a tea bag with either warm or cold water and put it on affected area for instant relieve.


In the end, we can say that whether the pain is due to an injury, trapped food and even because of the surgery toothache is an extremely painful experience. Essential oil comes a natural remedy to toothache. Essentials oils comes for internal and external use both. For oils recommended for external use only, it is good to perform a patch test on body instead of oral use on larger part of the body or on infected tooth. This small test will certainly help in assessing any allergy reactions or sensitivities on that essential oil with your body. You also need to take care while applying an essential oil on tooth that not to swallow and ingest it.

The good thing about essentials oils is that it most varieties are fine for internal use and taste good for human intake. This enables us to enjoy these natural oil remedies to cure our toothache in hot water and in warm tea also. Moreover, toothache will not heal itself; people have to deal with the pain until they will get to the professional dentist. Therefore, it is important to consider the above given home remedies for toothaches in order to have a prompt relieve.