Can You Use Baking Soda For A Toothache?

baking soda for toothache
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Picture this. You are at home, on your day off, and you just wanna stay home and relax. Then it hits you. That feeling like a tiny pixie with a sharp little knife stabbing into one of your teeth. There are no medications in the house that will help. What can you do? Well, incidentally, baking soda for a toothache is one option. It falls into the territory of ‘home remedies’ but it can definitely help. Let’s discuss this application of the ‘refrigerator’s friend’ . We’ll also throw in a little information on other home remedies that will do in a pinch if needed. Intrigued? Let’s get started!

A classic home remedy

A home remedy that has been in use for years, baking soda can not only help with the pain but it also helps with swelling and in preventing future tooth infection. Brushing with baking soda is good as well, in that it attacks plaque. That said, it is also a bit abrasive so you don’t want to make it your regular brushing ‘toothpaste’. Can baking soda also help for the toothache from an abscessed tooth? Certainly! Any tooth pain is compatible with the baking soda remedy.

The baking soda toothache remedy

The easiest way to use baking soda as a toothache remedy is as follows:

  1. Put a spoonful of baking soda in a glass. A teaspoon is fine.
  2. Slowly add warm water and stir the baking soda until it reaches a paste-like consistency.
  3. You can use your fingers, but dabbing a little on a cotton swab is more hygienic. Rub the paste on the gums in the affected area. The pain should die down a bit in a few minutes.
  4. Use as needed for the day until you get a chance to pick up some over the counter medicine or make a visit to the dentist. While baking soda can help, it is not recommended to use more than minimally for reasons we will explain later in this article.

Baking soda mixtures

baking soda for tooth pain
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You can combine baking soda with other items in the home to enhance efficacy of this home treatment. For instance, adding a little warm salt water makes for an excellent rinse that will help to clean, help swelling, and assist with the pain. Add a little turmeric extract and you can increase the efficacy of the paste in regards to your tooh pain and swelling. If you know a little about home remedies all ready, a little experimentation can help you to build up your own baking soda for tooth pain recipes!

The caveats of the baking soda toothache home remedy

While baking soda is a relatively safe method for dealing with tooth pain there are risks. If you notice nausea or muscle spasms, discontinue immediately. When used in moderation there should never be any problems, however, excess use CAN put you at risk for milk-alkali syndrome. Milk-alkali syndrome is caused by the ingestion of too much calcium or alkali that may be absorbed by the body. This is extremely rare in this day and age and a good rinse once the baking soda has started doing its job can minimize how much you actually ingest. If you are worried, relax a little, there are other home remedies that you can employ if you are worried.

Alternative home remedies

We’re including some other home remedies so that you can relax and alternate your methods for home treatment, to better ensure that you aren’t always relying on the baking soda method. There are a number of classic remedies that may be employed for a toothache. Depending on what you have around the house or can acquire easily, you can try the following:

  • Vanilla extract – A little vanilla extract on a cotton swab can work wonders for a toothache(and tastes yummy too). Give this a try the next time your tooth is hurting, you might be pleasantly surprised!
  • Tabasco sauce – a little bit of Tabasco sauce on a piece of bread gives you a toothache remedy with a kick. Bite into the bread once you have placed it over the afflicted area and hold it for awhile, letting it do its work. The same qualities of the peppers that make them hot and delicious also produce endorphins, giving you a natural and pleasant pain relief and some energy to boot!
can you use baking soda for a toothache
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“If you notice nausea or muscle spasms, discontinue immediately.”

  • Tea tree oil – Put a few drops in a small cup of water to use as a rinse or apply a drop or two directly to the gums with a cotton swab. You should have a little relief in a matter of minutes.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol can numb the area a bit and is generally residing somewhere around the house. Spirits such as vodka will do in a pinh. Fill a shot glass and swish the contents around your mouth(and this is for tooth pain, so don’t follow it up with more shots. You’ll end up unhappy, dehydrated, and in more pain later).
  • Oil of oregano – Mix a few drops of this with half a glass of warm water. Now you have a rinse that you can gargle which will not only help with the tooth pain, it’s also a home remedy for sore throats!
  • Peppermint oil – Another common ingredient in many houses, a few drops of this on a cotton ball, placed in the affected area, will provide a cool and soothing feeling of relief for a space. Use as needed until you can get something a little stronger, this actually works quite well in a pinch.

Have you been taking notes? Great! Though we have listed other methods, you can use baking soda for tooth pain in a pinch so we hope that you will make use of this little game changer. The other home remedies are useful as well and the next time you need a quick pain reliever you can relax… you’ve got plenty of them in the house!

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  1. Peppermint oil and baking soda are two natural remedies I have at hand for almost anything, yes including a toothache no matter how minor or major I just apply a Lil to the affected area and it will ease enough until I book my dental appointment. They are a must have, I never heard of the Tabasco and breadsauce but I will try if I ever have another toothache.

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