Dental Implants – Want To Know The Average Cost?

When patients consider going for dental implants in the USA, they might not know the exact cost of the procedure. To be on the safe side and to avoid costly surprises, it is advisable to inquire about the price before starting the actual process. Some patients are not aware of the exact stages that they will undergo before the final implant is done to them. Others are not aware that in the USA, the dental implants may be way expensive compared to the third world countries.

What factors make dental implants cost vary?

The Practitioner’s Experience

One great thing that all patience chooses first, is a good clinic that has experienced hands. No one would like to get their dental implant done by inexperienced hands that have a probability of messing up the whole procedure. The better experienced the doctor is, the higher the cost of the procedure.

The Location of The Dental Clinic

When one considers having their dental implant done in the third world country, the cost will be much lower compared to when done in the USA. Apparently, the location of the clinic in the USA too will affect the cost of the procedure depending on which state you choose to have it done.

The Underlying Associated Costs

Some patients are not aware that before the actual procedure is done, there are other costs they may incur. The consultation fees ($50-$200) might be the first extra fee you will incur which will help you know the details of the whole procedure as the dentist will check on you and expound the necessary steps. If you need bone grafting together with tooth extraction before the actual procedure, this will be charged separately. Remember a simple tooth extraction may add $100 to $200 while surgical procedure of the same may range between $180 to $400.

Charges at the Laboratory

The people behind the beautiful implants you want are all differently inspired. This means that for them to come up with the best implants in the laboratory, they charge different prices for their hard work. This makes the implants cost different too.

The Implants’ Material

Are you aware that implants are made of different materials? Some materials are expensive than others thus affecting the quality of the implants that patients end up with. The most commonly used materials are either Zirconium or titanium. Therefore, the material used to come up with the implant will affect the cost of the implants too.

Single or Multiple Implants

When the patient is missing more teeth, it changes the cost scenario. If the patient needs multiple implants done in different spaces, it is a bit expensive than one who needs several implants done on teeth that follow each other in the lineup. The dentist finds it easy to mount the implant on dentures and this reduces the cost. The location of the tooth to get the implant also determines the successfulness of the procedure. The lower jawline is not easy to create a fitting gum line compared to the upper one.

The Tangible Estimated Cost of Dental Implants

It is always good to know the exact amount of money that you will part with when you choose to go for dental implants. This is only possible if you settle for a certain dental clinic and you pay them a visit. Remember some clinics will offer free consultation while others will charge for the same. That is the only time you can come to a good decision time of the amount you will have to pay.

However, rarely will one dental clinic charge the same amount as another. Remember, the implants are different in material wise. The practitioners too are differently experienced plus the lab guy charges according to the labor put in coming up with the dental implants.

According to the cost of a complete dental implant is $4250. This includes the abutment and the jaw implant cost. They estimated that the range of the implant cost from $3000 to $6000 which can be determined by the dentist you choose.

A breakdown of Things that make up the Final Cost

  • The first procedure that involves putting the implant on the jaw may cost between $1650 and $3000.
  • The mounting of the crown using abutment costs between $300 to $500
  • The part of the implant that looks like the tooth is called the crown and may end up costing between $1000 to $3000

When the smart calculations are done using the price above, one arrives at the lowest cost of an implant as $2950 while the highest price would be $6500. The heaven and earth difference in the cost is normal considering the factors mentioned earlier. The dental clinics that are in metropolitan areas will charge their patients an average of this or higher price. Maybe $4000 to $6500. The opposite is true for the dental clinics in small towns or cities which may charge $2900-$4500 for one single implant.

Other additional procedures not yet mentioned above may make you dig deeper into your pockets which could include; barrier membranes, surgical guides, CT scan and X-rays ($25-$250)

How else are Dental Implants Important?

Dental implants can play a great and special role in supporting bridges and dentures. In the United States, the average cost of denture sets supported by a dental implant may cost between $35,000 to $60,000. This guarantees you a beautiful smile in the long run.

Payment Plans for Dental Implants

  • There are insurance companies that have realized the long-term benefit the dental implants. This will reduce the total cost of the whole procedure
  • Government Programs. In the USA, there is the assisted government program through Medicare and Medicaid. This is due to the high cost of healthcare in America.
  • Dental Schools. The students will appreciate you giving them a practical lab thus reduce the cost of the procedure. Every procedure handled by a student is obviously offered at a discount. Good Idea.