Ever Wonder ‘How Long Do Veneers Last’?

how long do veneers last
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Well, how long do veneers last? Not so fast. There is a lot to know about veneers and this article is the perfect chance to wax loquacious on the subject. We’ll go into the subject in detail. How long do porcelain veneers last? How long SHOULD porcelain veneers last? How long veneers CAN last… We’re also going to go into a little history on them and perhaps a little bit about their care. If you are considering veneers for a perfectly white game-show smile then stay with us for a little space of time and you will not be disappointed.

What are veneers, anyways?

Porcelain veneers are what you get when you attach porcelain directly to the teeth. This stuff is medical grade and a beautiful tooth-white, so this coating results in a bright smile that will really get you noticed. Lifelike and long-lasting, veneers are an excellent investment in your future. They also have a history that comes straight from Hollywood.

Hollywood history – The rise of veneers

In 1928, a California dentist named Charles Pincus had an idea. With the rise of speaking pictures, there was a need for a dental solution for actors who would be photographed during interviews. Some of them has less than perfect smiles and so Dr. Pincus was called in for consultation. Considered one of the best dentists of the time, he proposed a solution of applying false fronts to the teeth in an effort to make them look perfect. He was unable to affix them permanently but he was able to temporarily create what would be known as the ‘Hollywood smile’ in a number of famous actors. You may have heard of a few of these example star patients:

how long do porcelain veneers last
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  • Shirley Temple
  • James Dean
  • Mae West
  • Walt Disney
  • Bob hope
  • Jack Benny

Fast-forward towards the tail end of the 1960’s and another dentist would improve upon his work. Dr. Michael Bunocore was his name and he found a solution for affixing the veneers permanently. His technique involved acid-etching to make a surface that was more receptive to fixing the porcelain. This would lead to the modern version of veneers that we have today.

So what do veneers fix?

Porcelain veneers are good for a number of things. They are an excellent solution for the following issues:

  • Gaps in teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Discolorations


Now, while they are great for these issues, there are some things that need to be addressed before you can use veneers. Patients with gum disease, for instance. Tooth decay will need to be addressed as well. Lastly, these are permanent additions to your teeth, so you really want to make sure that you want to have them(although, in fairness, who doesn’t want a Hollywood smile?)

“Smoking, coffee, and even soy sauce can stain your veneers…”

Cost for veneers

Cost for veneers will depend on a number of factors, not just the current state of your teeth. So, what are those factors? We’ve compiled a few of them so that you can get a better idea what you will be paying for that Hollywood smile. Factors include:

  • Location, location, location – Where you are located or getting the veneers is going to make a potentially large difference in price. If you are in a densely populated city, it may be more expensive due to the state of the local economy. A smaller city might afford cheaper options although you will also have less options as to which dentist you select.
  • Type of veneers – There are various types of dental porcelain that may be employed in creating your veneers. The ‘latest and greatest’ versions are going to cost a little more than ‘yesterdays porcelain’, so keep this in mind.
  • Dentist’s experience – Is this visit going to be fairly routine or is your dentist new to veneers? This can make a difference in cost as well.
  • Current state of your teeth – As we’d mentioned before, whether or not you are a proper candidate for dental veneers is going to depend largely on the current state of your teeth. Do you need to get some tooth decay corrected? Do you have healthy gums? There may be some treatment options that you will need to address before you will be a good candidate for future porcelain veneers.
how long do veneer teeth last
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Care for veneers .

Care is going to be the best way to extend the longevity of your veneers. How long do veneers last with care? You are looking at a period of AT LEAST 10 years. Porcelain veneers are very strong and easy to keep with a little good oral hygiene. Here are some quick tips for taking care of your veneers:

  • Be stain conscious – Smoking, coffee, and even soy sauce can stain your veneers just like they can stain your regular teeth. Be careful with them.
  • Tooth grinding – If you grind your teeth, be sure to get a mouth-guard for sleeping. Your dentist can set you up with one so that you don’t risk chipping or otherwise damaging your veneers while you are sleeping.
  • Be careful what you chew – While very durable, you still need to be careful what you are chewing so that you don’t chip your veneers. Stay away from candies such as jawbreakers and avoid chewing things such as pens or your fingernails. This will help to maximize the duration of your sparkly veneers,
  • Visit the dentist regularly – If you cannot visit more frequently, every 6 months will do. Your dentist can spot problems before they become a nuisance so don’t forget to see your dentist when you can.

So, in answer to your question of ‘how long do veneer teeth last?’, the answer is 10+ years with good care. Maybe even 20+ years with exemplary care. So don’t slack when it comes to your veneers and you’ll be sure to enjoy a Hollywood smile that may last a lifetime!