Reviews Of Adverse Reactions To Sensodyne Toothpaste

Reviews for Sensodyne Toothpaste

Top positive customer reviews

By Patricia

Adverse Reactions To Sensodyne
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Ever since I started using Sensodyne, per recommendation from my dentist, I noticed that my teeth are whiter and stronger. Without Sensodyne, my teeth are more sensitive to cold. Thus, I highly recommend Sensodyne to everyone! It works for sensitive teeth

By Anna
#This toothpaste is definitely the best recommendation from my dentist. It really helped me to overcome sensitivity issue so it’s a real solution to stop sensitivity. It helps

By Anonymous
I have had sensitive teeth since I know about myself. Sensodyne is the only product that I can use for my weak teeth. It helped me to calm the sensitivity that I was suffering from. This toothpaste has a perfect formula for sensitivity and whitening and I highly recommend it!

Top Critical Reviews

By Chris
Last year, I started using Sensodyne, and since then, I feel pain in my front teeth. I didn’t realize that, actually, the toothpaste was the main reason for the pain!
I still have the same problem, although I started using Tom’s of Maine for sensitivity.
Could you please provide some recommendations that would replace the potassium nitrate?

By Anonymous
Firstly, you should go to the dentist and check if your sensitivity is caused by some dental problems.
If your teeth are healthy, I recommend using Colgate Prevident, which is not only a toothpaste for sensitivity, but it also provides cavity protection.
In general, sensitive teeth are exposed to receding gums and cavities. This toothpaste prevents both issues.
Sensodyne is not helpful at all 

By Mary Lu
I must say that I had a terrible experience with Sensodyne. Last night I used Sensodyne for a very first time. I felt pain in my teeth the moment I started brushing my teeth.
My mouth tasted like a disgusting liquid sugar and I threw the toothpaste in the garbage.
It dries my mouth

By Anonymous
I also had a bad experience with Sensodyne.
I stopped using Sensodyne regular because it seemed that my teeth became more sensitive ever since I started using it, so I switched to Sensodyne Proenamel. All I got was a dry mouth and long-lasting chemical taste in my mouth.
This site helped me to find out the reason for my problems.
Now I am using Colgate Sensitive because I have never experienced any inconvenience.
I won’t buy Sensodyne ever again

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By Anonymous
Sensodyne made my teeth sensible!
The first time that I whitened my teeth was 17 years ago and I found it very painful. In order to prevent this and to prepare my teeth for whitening, I decided to use Sensodyne Pronamel toothpaste.
According to my dentist, I have enamel loss, so now, my teeth are sensitive.
I will never by this toothpaste again!
Sever teeth and gums pain

By John
Using Sensodyne gentle whitening was one of the worst things I have ever done in life! I still feel pain in my mouth, so I am using different methods for pain relief, for example, gargling sea salt water.
I can’t even eat properly, the great hope is that it will soon disappear. Probably, this toothpaste has caused the mump in my left cheek too.
Bleeding, headaches, sensitive teeth and more

By Anonymous
Sensodyne seemed to cause me so many health issues. After using it for 2 days part of my mouth inside skin peeled off, resulting in bleeding, sores and headaches. Consequently, my teeth are sensitive now.
It has been 3 days since I have tried to stop this horror and get back to normal. Therefore, I am using Trader Joes instead of Sensodyne toothpaste that excludes SLS or fluoride. I must say that I feel much better now and that I feel less pain.
Stop the manufacture of this toothpaste!

By Anonymous
Thank you for sharing your experience!
Recently, I started using my second tube of repair and guess what? I woke up the other day with swollen lips and canker scores. Furthermore, my gums were bleeding after the brushing.
I am in pain! This is serious. I must do something to prevent this. I am considering going to the dentist, making a product complaint and return this expensive toothpaste.
Sensodyne is very harmful, why don’t you stop manufacturing it?
I experienced Sensodyne side effects

By Tom
After two years using Sensodyne total care gentle whitening without any issue, I decided to try the new formula of Sensodyne. The first time when I used it, I tasted the strong peppermint flavor.
After two weeks, I experienced Sensodyne side effects such as sore tongue and lips, dry mouth. My friends said that I got it from the cold weather, but I knew it was because of something else. So, I started doing online research about this problem.
Now, when I read your reviews I realized that Sensodyne caused the problem.
This morning, I switched to Colgate and I already notice a positive change.
Sensodyne Repair & Protect causes pain

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By Rebecca
I would like to share with you my experience with Sensodyne Repair & Protect, which was unfortunately not very pleasant.
When I first started using Repair & Protect I felt strong pain in my gums. This toothpaste caused painful sores on the corners of my mouth.
I decided to use the Sensodyne Fresh Mint that I used it before and there were significant changes! Since then, brushing isn’t painful anymore. For this reason, I doubt that I disagree with stannous fluoride.
I wake up with sores inside my mouth

By Anonymous
I only used twice the new Sensodyne Repair and 2 days after I woke up with mall sore along the inside of my mouth or lip.
At the beginning, I thought sodium was causing the problem. I had no idea that it was all because of the toothpaste.
But, maybe the fluoride causes the problem?
Why there is no disclaimer provided?

By Anonymous
I had the same inconvenience.
I had been using Sensodyne one period of time and the pain was constantly increasing. It was obvious that the pain was caused by the source.
I have several questions concerning this matter:
Why some people experience pain?
How long could least the pain?
In order to prevent of wasting our time doing researches on the internet why don’t you provide a disclaimer on the box?
Whose fault is this?
I was suffering when I stopped using Sensodyne

By Rob
I hadn’t had any issue with Sensodyne until I stopped using it. During the Thanksgiving vacation, I used another toothpaste and my teeth became very sensitive within few days.
I hope that these symptoms are just temporary and that there is a way to prevent them. It looks that Sensodyne or GSK Glaxo Smith Kline care more about the money than making a good product.
Hoping that you are site is not owned by GSK!
The Original Sensodyne was the best

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By Anonymous
The Original Sensodyne used to be the best Sensodyne branded toothpaste ever. All new versions of Sensodyne made my teeth more sensitive.
It looks like that they made this on purpose, so the dentist could run a profitable business.
Highly fluoridated toothpaste cause hypothyroidism. According to many books and researches on this subject, GSK products seem to be nothing more than marketing tricks that make a profit from fake claims.
Sensodyne and Colgate Pro-Relief are very harmful

By Anonymous
Even though Sensodyne and Colgate Pro-Relief are highly recommended by many people including dentists, from my experience these tubes of toothpaste do more harm than good. For example, after using Sensodyne, my teeth became very sensitive. I decided to do some research on this topic so I found this site on the net.
For instance, this site is very useful. It helped us to detect the real issue and hopefully soon the doctor will soon give their preventive advice.

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