Teeth Façade For Your Face: Veneers For Perfect Teeth

teeth facade Are you considering veneers in order to have a perfect smile? This facade for your teeth is a great way to obtain for yourself a Hollywood smile but there are a few things that you will want to know about them before you take the plunge. Today we’ll talk about veneers, starting with a little bit about their history, followed by a description of the procedure and a few more tips so that you can go into the process well-informed. Let’s discuss what you need to know about veneers!

What is a veneer for teeth?

In 1928, an enterprising dentist named Charles Pincus created the first set of veneers in order to ensure that actors could have that trademark ‘Hollywood smile’ in movies and during interviews as well. This first iteration did not last long, as they were held by dental adhesive alone, but if we fast-forward to the modern day, things have certainly changed. So, what exactly is a veneer? Think of them as a porcelain false-front affixed to your teeth. No longer limited by old techniques, these shiny facades for your teeth can give you a perfect smile for years to come. Whether you just want a perfect smile or you need to deal with cracking of the teeth, such as craze lines, veneers are a great option. Now, let’s talk a little about the process.

How are veneers applied?

In the process of fitting for veneers, a small portion of the tooth is shaved down in order to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. Typically, about half a millimeter is removed, and this scoring also helps to strengthen the bond when the veneer is eventually applied. Then the next steps will depend on the type of veneer which you are getting. Aside from porcelain, there are veneers made of composite resin and if you have selected these then they can generally be shaped and applied right away. If ceramics are to be applied then it’s a little different. A mold will be made from your teeth and the veneers will be shaped in a lab based on your specific dentition data. Once the new veneers arrive, the dentist will put them in place temporarily and if you approve of how they look then the veneers will be permanently affixed to your specifications.

Do veneers ruin your teeth?  

No, veneers will not ‘ruin’ your teeth. While a small amount of your natural tooth is shaved, as the veneer will be affixed to the front your tooth should not be vulnerable. If the veneer becomes damaged, you would need to visit the dentist again for a replacement but the small modification to your natural teeth will certainly not ruin them.

How much does it cost to get veneers on your teeth?The Facade For Your Face: Veneers For Perfect Teeth

Your costs are going to depend upon your specific dentist as well as the number of veneers which you are getting during your dentist visit. Typically on a per-tooth basis, composite veneers will cost between $250 – $1500 per tooth, whereas porcelain is more expensive, at around $925 to $2500 dollars per tooth. The type which you select will determine the lifespan of the veneers, with composites lasting generally 5 to 7 years and the ceramic options a more robust 10 to 15 years.

Are veneers only used for creating a super-smile?

Veneers can help to solve a number dental issues, such discolorations, cracks, chips, misalignments (if they are relatively minor), and even gaps in your teeth. If you are getting them for misalignment your dentist will be able to advise you if veneers will actually help or if you may need a more aggressive solution, such as braces.

Are veneers available to anyone who wants them?

There are reasons why you might not be a suitable candidate for veneers which your dentist

” There are reasons why you might not be a suitable candidate for veneers.”

will discuss with you. In general, the qualifiers for the procedure are as follows:

  • No root canal infections
  • No advanced tooth decay
  • Must have healthy gums

While some pre-existing conditions will still allow you to qualify, only your dentist will be able to make that call, so be sure to set up a consult so that you can find out if veneers might be a good fit for you.

Financial options

If you would like veneers but are worried about the cost then you should check with your dentist. A number of dentists will offer payment plans and if you are not able to do it this way, there are still a number of companies which offer medical financing that may be able to help you to get your Hollywood smile.

Dental Tours to save on your veneers

If you would like a full set of veneers but the cost is a little daunting, one thing to consider is looking for a ‘dental tour’ abroad. Some countries, such as the Philippines, receive a large amount of tourist traffic for exactly this purpose. The result is a nice vacation somewhere pretty where you can still get top-notch dental treatment but at a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that it will be time consuming, just like at home, due to the requirement of creating the veneers in a lab. That said, if you can take a good amount of time off of work to do a little travelling then this might be a great option for you to consider as a means of obtaining your veneers.

The Facade For Your Face Veneers For Perfect Teeth
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In closing

Today we have discussed the ins and outs of obtaining veneers in order to give yourself the perfect smile. While we strive to be thorough, your dentist will certainly be able to answer any questions that you might have following our description of the process. Be sure to ask many, so that you are confident in your decision, and be sure to select an experienced dentist. Veneers are not a choice to go into lightly, but with a good dentist and the right materials you can get that smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Count on it!


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