What Is The Best Dental Implant Recovery Diet?

dental implant recovery diet
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So, you’ve gotten those new implants, a little dental cleaning, and your teeth now smile like the light of a thousand shining suns. You don’t want to ruin things and so you need to take care, minding what you eat for the next week or so until you get used to your new teeth. If you are wondering what to eat after dental implant surgery then you are in the right place. In this article we are going to discuss the best dental implant recovery diet!

Understanding your dental implants

In order to bolster your willpower for the diet to come, we need to help you to understand why such radical changes are called for(even if for so brief a time). Dental implants are a novel and wonderful way to replace missing teeth, but what goes into them? Basically a post is attached underneath the gum line or directly to the bone, depending on the types of implants required (under the gum is done in those cases where the bone mass of the jaw will not support the implants. These posts are what your new teeth will be attached to through the introduction of abutments to support them. What is easy to forget via the glory of your new smile is that this is surgery. You need to go easy on yourself for a period of time until your gums heal up and until you become used to the new implants. You will need an ‘after dental implant’ diet of soft foods to eat after dental implant surgery.

Foods to eat after dental implant surgery(our favorite 5)

There are a number of soft foods that you can enjoy after dental implant surgery. We’ve compiled a list of examples in order to help you to better understand the types of food that you will want to be targeting. Here are a few of some of the good foods that you can enjoy following your implant surgery:

  1. Yoghurt – Yoghurt is a great snack. Not only is it good for you and soft on those injured gums, but it comes in an almost unending array of flavours to fit any palate. Stock up before your surgery so that you have a cooling, smooth snack waiting in the refrigerator when you get home to munch on until you are ready for something more solid.
  2. Soft or melted Cheeses – When it comes to foods to eat after dental implant surgery, soft cheeses such as brie, cream cheese, and more can be your friend during your recovery time. Also you can melt different hard cheeses to make them more soft and palatable for your healing time. Fancy some cheese sticks with marinara or ranch dressing? Recovery time doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t mean eating jello for a week, just use your imagination.

    dental implant recovery diet
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  3. Cake time – What’s fun to eat after dental implant surgery? Cake. Oh, yeah. Who doesn’t like cake? There are a number of soft cakes that you can choose from and stock in the fridge to irritate the yoghurt that you put there earlier. Chocolate cake and yummy cheesecake are good examples. Fancy something fresh? Why not some soft, fresh baked muffins? Getting creative is the key to a nicer recovery.
  4. Eggs – Sunny-side up and sopped up with soft bread, scrambled, or hard boiled and rolled in a light coating of salt. Eggs are yummy, good for you, and easy on those gums.
  5. Soft Tex-Mex – Tex-Mex or regular Mexican food is yummy and quite a lot of it is soft. Cheese enchiladas are good. Rice and beans won’t hurt you. How about some guacamole? Stay away from nachos and no chips-and-dip as these can break up easy and lodge in the gums. Go wild with the rest of the soft foods, however, and have yourself a Chili con Carnival.
what to eat after dental implant
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The remaining 5(our runners-up)

These are some yummy options that you may employ as well. Creating your own custom recovery diet is not so hard once you have a feel for the options. Options like:

“Let it cool or it can be painful and detrimental to healing gums”

  1. Soft fruits – Berries, cantaloupe or watermelon balls, and apples fried soft in cinnamon and sugar are a few good examples. Soft pears or peaches. Make yourself a fruit cocktail if you like and have it chilling and waiting in the refridgerator for you.
  2. Warm(but not hot) soups – Soup is fine but you want to avoid the piping-hot variety. Let it cool or it can be painful and detrimental to healing gums. If you like, be sneaky and go with some gaspacho since it is served cold anyway, otherwise just give your soup a little breathing time before you enjoy it.
  3. Oatmeal – “What can I eat after dental implant surgery for breakfast?”, you ask. Oatmeal is a classic. Load it up with sugar and margarine for a treat or better yet, how about some maple and brown sugar? You can buy a variety pack of instant oatmeal or make up your own, it all depends on you.
  4. Soft veggies – Mashed potatoes are good. Boiled up eggplant, potatoes backed soft and smothered in sour cream and chives. Sautéed mushrooms or veggies can really hit the spot as well. You know what you like, have some fun with your choices!
  5. Grilled fish – Grilled fish is soft and delicious with a twist of lime or a little bit of a spice kick. Dip it in tartar sauce or maybe some melted garlic-butter and you have a delicious meal that isn’t going to impact your recovery.

In conclusion

You were wondering what to eat after dental implant surgery, well, now you know. Keep in mind that these are only a drop in the bucket when it comes to ideas. Just use your creativity and keep in mind that the foods need to be soft for that first week or two(your dentist will advise the proper time period). We wish you good luck on your surgery and following that, bon appetite!

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