What Is The Price For Permanent Dentures In The Philippines?

permanent dentures price philippines
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Are you thinking of travelling to the Philippines soon and happen to be in need of some permanent dentures? Then you should be wondering ‘what is the price for permanent dentures in the Philippines?’ as well. You are in luck, as we can tell you about that and more. ..

Wait, permanent dentures?

You might know them by another name, specifically ‘dental implants’. So, what are dental implants? Well, a dental implant comes in two approved types:

  • Endosteal – Typically made from titanium, these are placed directly on a frame inside your jawbone.
  • Subperiosteal – This type of implant is a frame that is placed just underneath the gums. While endosteal is the most common implant, Subperiosteal is another common option for those whose jawbone may not support an Endosteal or for those who do not want to have augmentation treatments to their jawbone to support an endosteal.

Sounds pretty keen, no? You can even get full mouth dental implants if you’ve lost all of your teeth through injury or illness. Most are just looking to replace 2 or 3 of their permanent teeth that have been lost and dental implants are a great solution for this.

So, are there any disadvantages to dental implants?

Good question. While there are quite a lot of advantages, yes, there are some disadvantages. When making the decision to get dental implants for yourself there are a few things to consider, such as:

  • Cost – Beginning the process can involve a lot of cash up front. Thankfully, as you are considering getting the work done in the Philippines, the economy will offer some advantages while still getting you top-notch care.
  • Insurance coverage – Insurance may only partially pay for your procedure, if that. This is mentioned just for informational purposes but should not affect you if you are purchasing them in the Philippines.
  • Slight chance of rejection – This is quite rare, but approximately 2% of people will have their body reject the implants and in such a case they will need to be removed. It is highly unlikely, however, that you will have this issue.
  • Requires surgery – With both types of implants minor oral surgery will be involved. Due to the nature of the implants this is unavoidable but arguably worth it for the end result.
  • CommitmentThis is a big decision and you will need to commit to it. A number of follow up visits may be required before your implants are ready to install, so this is something that you will want to think about.

So how much do dental implants/teeth cost in the Philippines?

dental implant cost philippines
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Generally you are looking at up to $1800.00 for the procedure. There might be additional treatments required in order to make sure that you are an ideal candidate for dental implants, but this is a general figure to give you an idea of the savings. This is a very good price as you’re likely aware, considering the comparison prices of many other places in the world. You might think that language would be a barrier, that you would need to ask ‘magkano ang dental implants?‘ in Tagalog(which means, ‘how much are dental implants?), however most people in many Philippines cities speak excellent English. This is due to close relations with many English speaking countries as well as being a byproduct of a lot of tourism… the Philippines has some of the most beautiful places that you will find in the world.

Is it safe to get my dental implants in the Philippines?

It most certainly is! If you have never been to Manila, for instance, then you are in for a treat when you visit. A sprawling metropolis, it has the technologies that you have come to expect at home. The dental professionals in the Philippines have the latest and greatest equipment, just like one of your local dentists, but with the economical differences you’ll be able to get more dentistry work done and at much less cost in the Philippines.

“Most people in many Philippines cities speak excellent English.”

In fact, you should know that people come to the Philippines to get more than dental implants. Called ‘Dental tourists’,some people come specifically to get a little sunshine in a pretty place while getting their teeth fixed. Many come for procedures such as:

dental implants philippines
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Sounds great, so how do I sign up?

That part is going to be up to you and your tourist agent. If you saved off a lot of time-off from work and are looking to make the most out of a vacation, why not get your expensive dental work knocked out in a paradise? Your cash will go further, affording you not only your dental needs but ensuring that you get to experience a new country where you can live large and make new friendships. Check with your preferred travel agency or take to the web and look for bookings. Make sure that you do a little research first to ensure that you are going at a good time. The most popular time is the ‘dry season’, which ranges from November to April. This is when it is most crowded and tickets will be a bit more expensive. If you want to save on tickets you can come during the other months but be warned, the alternating months are when there is typhoon activity so some days will be quite windy and rainy.

The bottom line

Getting your dental work done in the Philippines can give you an amazing vacation at the same time that you are saving a bundle of money. Food and drinks are cheap, there are beautiful beaches, and the people are absolutely amazing. You’ll be welcomed and treated well and hey, wouldn’t you rather recover in a hammock on a pretty beach than in the same old easy-chair at home? See you soon in the Philippines!