What Is The Scoop On The Snap-On Smile?

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Perhaps during a conversation with your dentist (often an amusing one if the dentist is working) you have discussed the prospect of veneers. Upon hearing the cost you were wondering what sort of other options might be available for that perfect smile and the subject of getting a snap-on smile came up. “Snap on teeth?”, you wondered, “is that like dentures?”. Well, the answer is yes and no. In this article we will discuss, a little about their history, as well the process and why those veneers cost so much, and then we will go in-depth into the snap-on veneers option as well so that you can make an informed decision to decide if they might be right for you.

The history of veneers

In 1928 a California dentist by the name of Dr. Charles Pincus had a very good idea. He devised a method for improving the smile of Hollywood actors temporarily for photo shoots and interviews. It caught on and later in 1937 he would introduce the first veneers that applied via adhesive to the teeth. These had to be replaced often, unfortunately, as they were a very young procedure. Still, Hollywood was in love with them. Famous actors such as Shirley Temple and James Dean could be counted among his extensive clientele. Fast forward to 1982 and the process had gotten a lot more complicated but also quite a lot more permanent. This was thanks to Dr. Michael Buonocore.

What was Buonocore’s method?

Dr. Buonocore had been toying with the idea of employing acid-etching with hydrofluoric acid. This allowed more complex bonding with resins as well as porcelain. The end result was that the ‘adhesive’ days of veneers were gone. Etching provided a means of adding on the veneers not only securely, but permanently. Fast forward to today and the procedure has changed a little but the results are more secure than ever. Now anyone that can afford it can get their very own Hollywood smile.

The caveats

Of course, this option does not come cheaply. Full sets of veneers can cost thousands or ten thousands of dollars. The process can also be a little invasive at times, as you do lose a bit of tooth density in the acid etching process, cutting of tooth tissue may be involved, and more than one visit is going to be required to ensure that perfect fit. Luckily, there is a cheaper alternative for snap-in teeth veneers. They have their own pros and cons but for many they are a godsend, giving that glowing smile at just a fraction of the cost.

So, what is a snap-on smile?

We’re glad that you asked! The subject of our article today, the snap-on smile, was developed as a cost-effective alternative for those in need of or desirous of veneers who are leery of the cost of the procedure, its invasiveness, or both. Snap-on veneers are exactly what they sound like. They are a set of snap-in-your-teeth covers that you can pop in whenever you want to have a dazzling smile. Sounds good, no? Let’s discuss the pros and cons on the snap-on smile.

The Pros

snap on teeth
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Let’s go into the good stuff first. A snap on smile has a lot of advantages. Here are just a few of them:

  • No dental visit required – Hate going to the dentist? With snap on veneers, you don’t have to. You can order them online if you like. If you really dislike the dentist but you like the idea of trying veneers then these might be for you!
  • Great ‘training-veneers’ – If you are considering veneers but you are not yet ready to devote the considerable time and resources required to making that happen just yet… well, you can always give these a try and see if you wish to go the permanent route.
  • Extended wear option – These can be worn every day if you get a good set of snap-on veneers.
  • Cost effective – Comparatively, this option is considerably more affordable than getting veneers done at your dentist.

The cons

Now that we’ve discussed the pros it is only natural to move on to the cons. These are the bits that you might not like as much.

  • Difficult to color match – You need to be very careful selecting the whiteness of the teeth. Very few people look normal with extremely white teeth.
  • Temporary solution – These could last a few months to maybe a year or two. You will want to keep this in mind.

“Depending on the company, the materials of your veneers may vary.”

  • You’ll want two sets – Get upper ones and lower ones. It’s rather suspicious when only your upper teeth are white.
  • Quality variance – Depending on the company, the materials of your veneers may vary. This could lead to durability issues.
  • May impact existing teeth – These can rub and scrape against your natural teeth. Another concern is cleanliness. It’s easy to skimp out on dental hygiene when you know that you can snap in a perfect smile. You will need to resist that temptation.

One more concern that is significant enough to get it’s own header…

snap on veneers
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Can you eat with a snap on smile?

While there ARE snap on teeth that you can eat with, it is not recommended. The pressure from biting can damage them and lead to an awkward social situation or just general frustration with the product. It is unfortunate and we hate to bring bad news, but this is an important consideration that you need to know. Check out some snap on smile reviews before purchasing to get the most durable if you are going to eat with them on.

Some final words

We’ve gone into the pros and the cons of procuring and wearing your very own snap on smile. We hope that this will help you to make an informed decision regarding future veneers or even just future snap-ons in order to obtain the smile that you deserve. We wish you the best!

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  1. Snap on smiles can be an absolute God send when you need them most, especially when you attending a wedding or other special functions. I have stick to having these snap on smiles and I replace mine usually within a year. I’m scared of getting a veneer because I always thinking that it would affect the health of my teeth beneath. Plus I don’t always need a permanent perfect smile.

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