Wondering What To Eat After Teeth Whitening?

what to eat after teeth whitening
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So, you’ve just come back from the dentist’s office and your teeth are now bright like the light of a thousand suns. Panic sets in. “How do I keep them this way?”, you ask yourself. This is an important question because immediately following a teeth whitening your pearly whites are going to be vulnerable for a space of time. That’s why you need to know what to eat after teeth whitening.  In this article we will explain a little about the tooth whitening process so that you know why you need to be careful and then we are going to go further by exploring your available options to help maximize the enjoyment of your new smile. Are you ready? Let’s proceed!

The decision to whiten your teeth

So you were visiting the dentist and it occurred to you that your current dental regimen, however hearty, has failed to give you the Hollywood teeth that you feel you want and deserve. With that in mind you’ve asked your dentist about the procedure, scheduled it, and gotten it done. From your perspective it’s like any other procedure… lay in the chair, make small talk in a funny voice, and let the dentist do their work. So, what really happens during this process?

The tooth whitening process

There are two types of procedures when it comes to teeth whitening. The first is called ‘Vital whitening’. This is done on teeth with live nerves only. The process consists of applying a special gel(usually containing hydrogen peroxide) to the surface of the teeth to bleach them to the desirable hue. The second type, done only on teeth which have no live nerves, such as those which have had a root canal, in called ‘Non-vital whitening’.

So, do I need a special diet forever after a teeth whitening?

Certainly not. While you will need to make more trips to your dentist to continue the whitening procedure should you wish to keep your teeth at a particular hue(think of it as maintenance visits), the only time that you will require a specialized diet is going to be for a period of 48 hours after a teeth whitening.

So, why do I need a specialized diet in the first place?

This is because following a whitening procedure your teeth are going to be more porous. This means that they are going to absorb more pigment and be less resistant to staining then they would be normally. This will only last for a short period but it is critical that you take care of them carefully for the first 48 hours. So now you are wondering, “what CAN I eat after a teeth whitening”. Quite a lot, actually. Let’s discuss.

What to eat after teeth whitening treatment

There are many foods that are okay to eat after a teeth whitening. We’ve taken the liberty of doing the research for you and have compiled a modest list that can help you to build your own post-whitening diet. Some approved foods are as follows:

foods to eat after teeth whitening
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  • Apples – Delicious and good for you, apples are a great snack and won’t damage your new investment in a lighter smile.
  • White cheese – Get yourself a nice white cheese. Cut into cubes with those apples that we mentioned and you’ve got a healthy and delicious snack.
  • White egg omelette – Yes, you can add cheese to this. White egg omelettes are very healthy and they taste great too. Why not have one for breakfast the next two days while those teeth adjust?

“Grilled cheese sandwiches are an American staple.”

  • White fish sushi – Feeling peckish for lunch or dinner and wondering if you can scratch your sushi itch? Wonder no more. White fish sushi is perfectly fine and won’t cause any problems for those vulnerable teeth.
  • Chicken or turkey sandwiches – A chicken or turkey sandwich, smothered in mayo and made with white bread(cut out those crusts, though, as they are not allowed) is a tasty lunch or snacking option that is perfectly safe.
  • Baked chicken with mashed potatoes – This is a great dinner option that won’t cause you any problems. Make sure to go with white gravy instead of brown and you will be in good shape. This is one of the list favorites as it’s something a lot of us would eat MOST days rather than one of those stereotypical ‘after the dentist’ meals.


  • Grilled cheese sandwiches – That’s right. It’s one of your favorites and there is no need to go without it. Grilled cheese sandwiches are an American staple and when you leave the dentist you generally want some comfort food and can’t have it. Not this time, friend, not this time. Get yourself a grilled cheese!
  • Grilled or baked fish with tartar sauce – Another yummy dinner option. Have it with some white beans or even some yummy sauerkraut for that extra spice that comes from eating something that you don’t feel like you should be allowed. Those pearly whites will be just fine.

So what can I drink after a tooth whitening? 

after teeth whitening
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You have a good range of example options available in this category. Basically it’s going to be anything white or clear. Options such as:

  • Milk
  • White wine
  • Clear sodas like Sprite or 7-Up
  • Coconut milk

Can I eat butter after teeth whitening?

It would be best to give the butter a break for the first 48 hours. Don’t worry, though, it will be there for you later. Butter is awesome that way!

Are there any foods to avoid after teeth whitening?

In general, stick with white foods. Foods that are dark or vivid in color are going to stain those newly porous teeth if you don’t wait 48 hours before ingesting them. No coffee either, folks. Sorry about that one.

In conclusion 

We hope that you will use this information to your benefit. Your newly shiny teeth will thank you and after those 48 hours pass, well, go wild! Also, don’t forget to show off that new smile

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    With so many failed attempts, I must say I will take this information and try again with the hopes of better results.

  2. This article is such a great help as it gives a list of foods that wont bring disadvantages to the whitening process.

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    After whitening my teeth, i’m grateful for seeing this article and getting a simple to follow list of what foods wont affect my newly whitened smile.

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